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Christie, Luttrellstown Castle, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Christie, Luttrellstown Castle, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Volume 1: Objects of Art, Furniture, Pictures, Silver, Porcelain and Linen. London, Christie, Manson & Woods, 1983. 21 cm x 26 cm. 274 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket and protective Myla covering. Catalgue with price list from auction 26-28th Septmber 1983 loosely inserted. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Luttrellstown Castle, dating from the early 15th century (c. 1420), is located in Clonsilla on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. It has been owned variously by the eponymous and notorious Luttrell family, by the bookseller Luke White and his descendants Baron Annaly, by the Guinness family, the Primwest Group, and since 2006, by JP McManus, John Magnier and Aidan Brooks. The castle has hosted visits by Queen Victoria in 1844 and 1900, and its media profile was raised when Victoria Adams married David Beckham there on 4 July 1999. Luttrellstown and its remaining 560-acre (2.3 km2) demesne currently form a 5-star resort, with a golf course, country club and unique location just outside the city boundaries of Dublin. The castle was started by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, the 5th Lord Luttrell, who was born about 1385. Sir Thomas Luttrell was Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas, 1534-1554, and actively involved in the dissolution of the monasteries. He acquired the lands of St Mary’s Abbey at Coolmine. In 1927 the estate was bought by Ernest Guinness, as a wedding present for his daughter, Aileen Guinness, who married a cousin, Brinsley Sheridan Plunket. Aileen Plunket entertained on a grand scale. The castle became the site of hunt balls and other lavish social events. Her niece, Lady Caroline Blackwood wrote of growing up in that atmosphere in her book, Great Granny Webster. (Wikipedia).

Keywords: Irish Art, Irish Castles, Irish History, Irish Local History

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Goode, Irish Ceramics. The Best of Irish Ceramic Sculpture. Goode, John. Irish Ceramics. The Best of Irish Ceramic Sculpture. First Publication. Beara Peninsula, Mill Cove Books, 2011. 29,5 cm x 21,5 cm. 88 pages. Full colour pictures throughout. Original Softcover. Excellent, close to new condition. Signed by the author.

Includes for example the following artists: Etain Hickey / David Withers / John Rainey / Sonja Landweer / Ulrika Holmquist / Thomas Wollen / Karen Morgan / Kathleen Standen / Eleanor Swan / Marianne Klop etc etc.

Keywords: Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Irish Art

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Irish Georgian Society. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies. Collection Irish Georgian Society. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies. Collection of eight Volumes (seven Volumes plus Index): Volume I / Volume II / Volume VIII / Volume IX / Volume X / Volume XI / Volume XII / Index – Volume // Dublin, Irish Georgian Society, 1998 – 2008. Octavo. c. 1600 pages. Original Softcover. All 8 Volumes in close to new condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

This important periodical on irish art and architecture includes many important essays like for example:

Paul Larmour – The works of Oswald Reeves (1870 – 1967), artist and craftsman: an interim catalogue / Caroline Knight – The Irish in London: post-Restoration suburban houses / Jane Fenlon – Some early seventeenth – century building accounts in Ireland / Brendan Rooney – The Irish Exhibition at Olympia 1888 / Ann Martha Rowan – A database of Irish Architects 1720 – 1940 – Letter C / Nessa M. Roche – Capturing Light: Window – Glasshouses in Georgian Ireland / Sean O’Reilly – A philosophy of Restoration /

Keywords: Irish Art

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Peter Jordan - Waterford Municipal Art Collection. A History and Catalogue. Jordan, Peter. Waterford Municipal Art Collection. A History and Catalogue. Kinsale, Gandon Editions, 2006. 8°. 192 pages. Original softcover (Paperback). Excellent, close to new condition.

Includes the following chapters: Introduction by Roy Foster / Waterford Municipal Art Collection – Part I – A History
1 – Art for the Nation / 2 – The Waterford School of Practical Art & Design / 3 – The Waterford Art Exhibitions / 4- Prime Movers / 5 – Gallery or Museum ? / 6 – Official Opening / 7 – The 1940s – Significant Acquisitions / 8 – The Art Advisory Committee / 9 – Shifting Solutions / 10 – Postscript / Endnotes / Waterford Municipal Art Collection – Part II – Colour Plates / Waterford Municipal Art Collection – Part III – A Catalogue //

Keywords: Irish Art, Waterford

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Lewis, A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland - Comprising the Several Counties; Lewis, Samuel. A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland – Comprising the Several Counties; Cities; Boroughs; Corporate, Market, and Post Towns; Parishes and Villages. With Historical and Statisical Descriptions: Embellished with Engravings of the Arms of the Cities, Bishopricks, Corporate Towns, and Boroughs; And of the Seals of the Several Municipal Corporations. By Samuel Lewis. / Together with an ATLAS: Lewis’s Atlas – Comprising the Counties of Ireland and a general Map of the Kingdom. Reprint of the original London Edition from 1837. Three Volumes (complete with Atlas). Galway, Kenny’s 1995. Folio. Pagination: Volume I: LXVIII, 675 pages. / Volume II: 737 pages with a “Table for Converting Irish Miles into British” / Atlas: Including Maps for all 32 Counties. Original Hardcover. Green cloth in original slipcase. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Samuel Lewis (c.1782 – 1865) was the editor and publisher of topographical dictionaries and maps of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The aim of the texts was to give in ‘a condensed form’, a faithful and impartial description of each place. The firm of Samuel Lewis and Co. was based in London. Samuel Lewis the elder died in 1865. His son of the same name predeceased him in 1862.

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

First published in 1837 in two volumes, with an accompanying atlas, it marked a new and significantly higher standard in such accounts of Ireland. Apart from The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland published in 1845, it has not been superseded. The first edition is available online. A second edition was published in 1842.

In the 1837 preface, the editor noted that:

“The numerous county histories, and local descriptions of cities, towns, and districts of England and Wales, rendered the publication of their former works, in comparison with the present, an easy task. The extreme paucity of such works, in relation to Ireland, imposed the necessity of greater assiduity in the personal survey, and proportionately increased the expense.″

Lewis relied on the information provided by local contributors and on the earlier works published such as Coote’s Statistical Survey (1801), Taylor and Skinner’s Maps of the Road of Ireland (1777), Pigot’s Trade Directory (1824) and other sources. He also used the various parliamentary reports and in particular the census of 1831 and the education returns of the 1820s and early 1830s. Local contributors were given the proof sheets for final comment and revision. The names of places are those in use prior to the publication of the Ordnance Survey Atlas in 1838. Distances are in Irish miles (the statute mile is 0.62 of an Irish mile).
The dictionary gives a unique picture of Ireland before the Great Famine. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: 19.Jahrhundert, 19th Century, Atlas, Cartography, County Clare, County Cork, County Donegal, County Galway, County Kerry, County Kildare, County Kilkenny, County Laois, County Leitrim, County Mayo, County Tipperary, County Waterford, County Wexford, County Wicklow, Irish Atlas, Irish History, Irish Map, Map, Maps

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[Noyer, Stones, Slabs and Seascapes: George Victor du Noyer's Images of Ireland. [Noyer, George Victor du]. Stones, Slabs and Seascapes: George Victor du Noyer’s Images of Ireland. Exhibition sponsored by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, the Geological Survey Ireland, Carmel and Martin Naughton and the National Museum of Ireland. Cork, Crawford Art Gallery, 2017. Octavo. 83 pages with illustrations throughout. Original Hardcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of wear.

Includes for example: Du Noyer in the Ordnance Survey – Illustrating Ireland’s Geology (by Susan Hegarty) / The Scientific Illustrations of George Victor Du Noyer (by Nigel Monaghan) / Du Noyer’s Treasures in the Royal Irish Academy (by Peter Harbison) / George Victor Du Noyer – Where and When (by Peter Murray) / etc.

George Victor Du Noyer (1817 – 3 January 1869) was an Irish painter, geologist and antiquary of Huguenot descent. As an artist, his favourite medium was watercolour, but a large number of sketches by him in pencil and other mediums also survive. He was a gifted and extremely prolific artist.
Most of his work relates exclusively to Ireland. Throughout his life, he was often commissioned to draw or paint realistic depictions of locations all over Ireland (making many of his works interesting from an Irish historical perspective). Much of this work took place during his time with the Irish Ordnance Survey and particularly the Geological Survey of Ireland. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Irish Art

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O'Cleirigh, Carrickmacross Lace: Irish Embroidered Net Lace. O’Cleirigh, Nellie. Carrickmacross Lace: Irish Embroidered Net Lace. A Survey and Manual with Full-Size Patterns. Reprinted Edition. Gerrards Cross, Colin Smythe, 2002. Octavo. 64 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

This book explores the development of Carrickmacross lace from the early part of the nineteenth century when the wife of the Rector of Donaghmoyne brought back some Italian applique lace from her honeymoon. Soon the area began training young women as lace makers and a whole cottage industry emerged. Nellie O’Cleirigh was born in Clonmel and went to Dublin School of Art. She has a significant collection of old Irish lace which has been exhibited in Ireland and abroad.

Keywords: Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Irish Art, Irish Crafts

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Ospina - West Cork Inspires. Ospina, Alison. West Cork Inspires. With photography by Roland Paschhoff. Ammanford, Stobart Davies Limited, 2011. 4°. 175 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket. Excellent – as new – condition. Signed by the author.

During the 1960s and the following decades a significant number of artists and craftspeople began moving to West Cork, following their dream of a simple life in an unspoilt landscape. They were attracted to West Cork in particular by the stunning landscapes and low property prices but as the creative community grew, it became an attraction in its own right. For a brief period, a rare combination of circumstances existed in the region which facilitated the growth of arts and crafts in West Cork and gained the region a glowing reputation for its unique culture, combining a laid back life style with traditional country living. West Cork Inspires tells the story of the creative community in West Cork and profiles twenty-two of its most outstanding protagonists.

Alison Ospina lives in The Wooden House with her husband José, near Skibbereen, in the heart of West Cork. Through her work as a green wood chair maker, she has become deeply fascinated by the exceptional work created by outstanding craftspeople in the region. Alison is a member of the West Cork Craft and Design Guild and has previously written Green Wood Chairs Chairs and Chair Makers of Ireland.

Keywords: Art, Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Books / Art, Irish Art, West Cork

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