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Goode, Irish Ceramics. The Best of Irish Ceramic Sculpture. Goode, John. Irish Ceramics. The Best of Irish Ceramic Sculpture. First Publication. Beara Peninsula, Mill Cove Books, 2011. 29,5 cm x 21,5 cm. 88 pages. Full colour pictures throughout. Original Softcover. Excellent, close to new condition. Signed by the author.

Includes for example the following artists: Etain Hickey / David Withers / John Rainey / Sonja Landweer / Ulrika Holmquist / Thomas Wollen / Karen Morgan / Kathleen Standen / Eleanor Swan / Marianne Klop etc etc.

Keywords: Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Irish Art

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O'Cleirigh, Carrickmacross Lace: Irish Embroidered Net Lace. O’Cleirigh, Nellie. Carrickmacross Lace: Irish Embroidered Net Lace. A Survey and Manual with Full-Size Patterns. Reprinted Edition. Gerrards Cross, Colin Smythe, 2002. Octavo. 64 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

This book explores the development of Carrickmacross lace from the early part of the nineteenth century when the wife of the Rector of Donaghmoyne brought back some Italian applique lace from her honeymoon. Soon the area began training young women as lace makers and a whole cottage industry emerged. Nellie O’Cleirigh was born in Clonmel and went to Dublin School of Art. She has a significant collection of old Irish lace which has been exhibited in Ireland and abroad.

Keywords: Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Irish Art, Irish Crafts

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Ospina - West Cork Inspires. Ospina, Alison. West Cork Inspires. With photography by Roland Paschhoff. Ammanford, Stobart Davies Limited, 2011. 4°. 175 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket. Excellent – as new – condition. Signed by the author.

During the 1960s and the following decades a significant number of artists and craftspeople began moving to West Cork, following their dream of a simple life in an unspoilt landscape. They were attracted to West Cork in particular by the stunning landscapes and low property prices but as the creative community grew, it became an attraction in its own right. For a brief period, a rare combination of circumstances existed in the region which facilitated the growth of arts and crafts in West Cork and gained the region a glowing reputation for its unique culture, combining a laid back life style with traditional country living. West Cork Inspires tells the story of the creative community in West Cork and profiles twenty-two of its most outstanding protagonists.

Alison Ospina lives in The Wooden House with her husband José, near Skibbereen, in the heart of West Cork. Through her work as a green wood chair maker, she has become deeply fascinated by the exceptional work created by outstanding craftspeople in the region. Alison is a member of the West Cork Craft and Design Guild and has previously written Green Wood Chairs Chairs and Chair Makers of Ireland.

Keywords: Art, Arts & Crafts, Arts & Crafts Movement, Books / Art, Irish Art, West Cork

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